UK High End Replica Tag Heuer Autavia COSC GMT

Why It’s Cool: Honestly, for any caller-style GMT (that is, one with an independently adjustable 24-hour hand), the Seiko has the deck stacked in its favor. That said, I do think the svelte perfect replica Tag Heuer Autavia COSC GMT offers a lot for the type of buyer who might not have any interest in the darling Seiko.
This watch is cool because it’s a great-looking cheap fake Tag Heuer sport watch with a clean and legible dial, a handsome colorway, a useful GMT functional, and it comes with both a chronometer spec movement and a matched steel bracelet.

To my eyes, the modern Autavia lineup houses some of uk luxury replica Tag Heuer’s best designs, and, for me, this GMT is among the brand’s most compelling (especially for those who prefer contemporary design).

Why It’s Expensive: The delineation between these two, especially in terms of the price point, is that of luxury. Seiko and cheap fake Tag Heuer are two brands that don’t specifically overlap in terms of market position. Outside of the playground of Steal vs. Splurge, the best 1:1 replica Tag Heuer would do direct competition with something like a Grand Seiko, not a Seiko 5. So, where one might buy the Seiko more for its functionality and price point, the Tag Heuer’s appeal is more directly connected to the strength of the Tag Heuer name.
While I can imagine folks may take some umbrage with the previous statement, I think the same can be applied to the Seiko, albeit with fewer zeros in play. After all, a $25 Casio can walk circles around both of these high quality fake watches in terms of time zone functionality. While I’m a Seiko man at heart, I can’t deny reality and brand plays a role here.

Back to the comparison at hand, let’s start with how these two super clone watches online are similar. The Autiavia COSC GMT is a 42mm wide steel sporty GMT with 100 meters of water resistance and a bi-directional 24-hour blue/black bezel. It comes on a bracelet, has a blue dial with date display, and features a caller-style GMT function based on the Swiss movement fake Tag Heuer Caliber 7 (based on the ETA 2892-A2).

From a wide perspective, that’s a pretty similar package to that of the SSK and, like the Seiko, the AAA replica Tag Heuer is a little over 13.5mm thick, and lug to lug is a reported 50.4mm (via

Now, let’s consider where the Swiss made fake TAG Heuer Autavia sets itself apart (aside from the $4,200 price tag). First, there are some simple things, like the ceramic bezel insert, the finer case finishing, the quick-release bracelet, and the white-on-black date wheel that more closely aligns with the dial color.
Then, there is the movement, which is absolutely a step up. The 2892-A2 is an excellent 4Hz automatic movement from ETA and in this scenario, it’s also COSC certified, so those who prefer a bit less wabi-sabi in their timekeeping will be able to enjoy chronometer-spec performance.

At $4,200, the brand into which you’re buying is absolutely a piece of the equation and Tag Heuer replica online uk manages to resonate both in the realm of the general and in that of the enthusiast. They have a worldwide position as a prestigious but somewhat accessible entry-point into the idea of a luxury watch and, while Seiko has a very strong and special appeal, it cannot match that of top quality replica Tag Heuer for many buyers.

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