Highlights: Complicated UK Perfect Fake Watches At Phillips Hong Kong

Having covered the highlights from independent watchmakers and historical pocket watches at The Hong Kong Watch Auction: XVIII on May 24 and 25, we now turn to complicated AAA Swiss replica watches past and present.

Amongst the historical are 1:1 online fake Omega 30I tourbillon wristwatches tested at the Geneva, Neuchatel and Kew observatories, as well as a pair of chronographs with historical movements, an Excelsior Park with the Venus 179 split-seconds chronograph calibre and a Montblanc with the large, 17”’ Minerva monopoussoir chronograph movement.

The auction is scheduled for May 24 (lots 801-934) and May 25 (lots 935-1083), with online bidding and the catalogue available on Phillips.com.

880 – Replica Patek Philippe Ref. 5059R-017 London Edition Watches

This is an example of high quality Patek Philippe fake watches‘ top-of-the-line perpetual calendar in the late 20th century (that distinction now goes to the ref. 5236P linear calendar), the perpetual calendar with retrograde date.

The lineage began with the ref. 5050, the brand’s first perpetual calendar with centre seconds after the ref. 2497 and 2438-1 of the 1950s and 1960s. In 1998, the ref. 5050 was succeeded by the functionally identical ref. 5059, a more modern but still classical luxury copy watches with an officer’s case featuring a hinged back.

This version is a limited edition made for the Watch Art Grand Exhibition in London that took place in 2015. The pink gold case places its amongst the rarest case metals for the model, which was made from 1998 to 2006, with 1200 to 1400 estimated to have been made in all metals. The number in pink gold is believe to be between 300 to 400.

But it’s the dial that really makes this special. Finished with sunburst brushing and a metallic brown, the dial has applied numerals, a feature unique to limited edition or special order variants of the ref. 5059. The standard versions of the model all featured printed numerals.

While the exact number of this edition is not known, only a few were made. This is only the second example of this version to emerge at auction. The first example was sold at Phillips last year for HK$635,000 including fees.

Maintained in exceptional condition, the ref. 5059R is a full set with box, papers and accessories. It has an estimate of HK$400,000-800,000, or US$51,300-103,000.

914 – Fake Omega Tourbillon 30 I Watches

The first-ever Swiss-made tourbillon movements for wholesale replica watches came far earlier than most would think: in 1947 Omega made a dozen cal. 30 I tourbillon movements with an unusual carriage rotation of 7.5 minutes instead of the traditional 60 seconds.

Seven of the movements were submitted for testing at the Geneva, Neuchatel, and Kew-Teddington observatories over several years starting in 1947 until 1952. In 1950, the cal. 30 I numbered “10’595’933” earned an outstanding score of 867.7 points, the highest-ever result in the category.

The movements submitted for the observatory competitions were never offered for public sale, instead they were used in marketing materials to emphasise Omega’s status as a leading chronometer maker. One movement, however, was transformed into a prototype wristwatch, making it the first Swiss-made tourbillon wristwatch, and in 2017 it sold for over US$1.4 million.

The top super clone watches on offer here is a more recent example, part of a batch of seven of movements that were rediscovered, decorated, cased, and sold in 1987.

This bears movement number “10’595’943”, or ten digits removed from the record-setting example tested in 1950. It was the second-t0-last movement made and tested at the Neuchatel observatory in 1947.

The cal. 30 I reveals the tourbillon only from the back, where the view is surprisingly plain. Having been constructed as observatory trial contestants rather than luxury Swiss made replica watches, the cal. 30 Is were all basic in fit and finish, as revealed by the original prototype.

The seven examples cased in 1987 were reworked to dress them up for public sale, so this example features some decoration on the movement like Geneva stripes on the bridges.

This watch has been in the same collection for 35 years and is in outstanding condition. It is estimated at HK$400,000-800,000, or US$51,300-103,000.

996 – Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Minute Repeater Supersonnerie Replica Watches

Audemars Piguet is best known for the Swiss movements fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches, but it’s the best value with almost anything else but the Royal Oak. It’s a Minute Repeater Supersonnerie with a platinum case, fired enamel dial, and a low estimate well under a third of the retail price.

Moreover it’s a Supersonnerie, which means it employs AP’s case construction system based on three patents, including one for a second case back that functions as a soundboard. The result is perhaps the loudest and most resonant minute repeating wristwatch on the market. It’s made all the more notable by the heavy platinum case, which would ordinarily be a detriment to the sound.

More classical in style than the Code 11.59, the Jules Audemars line was AP’s classic, round-watch offering for almost two decades. This repeater is typical of the design, with polished bezel and lugs matched with a brushed case middle.

The aesthetic is restrained with a grand feu enamel dial in a smoked finish that’s a dark blue in the centre that darkens to black at the edges.

The replica watches for sale is fairly large at 43 mm in diameter and 13.16 mm thick, which is a consequence of the Supersonnerie construction that requires a double case back as well as substantial open space within the case for resonance.

The case back has perforations around its rim to allow sound to be transmitted outside the case, another feature of the Supersonnerie. It’s also decorated with cast relief of a watchmaker at a bench.

The Supersonnerie is in like-new condition and is presented with its box, papers, and accessories. The estimate is HK$780,000-1.56 million, or US$100,000-200,000.

This UK Best Quality One-of-a-kind Replica Patek Philippe Watches Just Sold For £13.7 Million

If you’re the type of perfect replica Rolex or Patek Philippe watches collector who absolutely must own pièces uniques, then the bi-annual Only Watch auction is where you should be doing your shopping.

A charity auction, Only Watch brings together brands both large and small – including many high-end independents – to design one-off versions of their most famous wares. Then, the watch world cognoscenti gather in Geneva, the UK 1:1 fake watches are auctioned, and the money is donated to research into treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy…

…sort of. Forbes reported late in 2023 that of the £80m raised since the auction of the cheap AAA replica watches began in 2005, only £40m or so has been distributed. In the ensuing controversy, the November 2023 edition of the auction was cancelled, and numerous brands (Audemars Piguet, Biver Watches, Tudor, and others) pulled out. However, Only Watch returned last week, and went off without a hitch…

…sort of. Christie’s website was down, which meant that online bidding was off the table, and only phone or live bidding was possible. But still, the show went on, and Only Watch managed to raise a hair over CHF 28m, or roughly £25m. Not a bad take for a bunch of people throwing lots of money on what is essentially antiquated technology.

The vast majority of that sum came from a single lot: a unique minute-repeating Swiss made copy watches from Patek Philippe. Carrying reference number 6301A, it’s cased in stainless steel, automatically setting itself apart from the majority of the maison’s wares, which are generally cased in precious metals. (A steel Patek, no matter how pedestrian seeming, will almost always carry a premium over an equivalent version in gold or platinum.) On top of this, it features a gorgeous, blue-green, hand-guillochéd Grand Feu enamel dial with an outer railroad minute track, applied diamond indices, sub-seconds, and dual power reserve indicators—one for timekeeping, and another for the strikeworks.

Within the sizeable 44.8mm case is the manually-wound, 703-part Patek Philippe Caliber GS 36‑750 PS IRM movement with grande sonnerie, petite sonnerie, minute repeater, and jumping seconds functions. (The luxury replica watches audibly chimes the quarter-hour and, upon activation, chimes the current time; its seconds hand also ticks once per second, like that of a quartz watch.) Featuring three gongs visible via the sapphire caseback, the movement was granted three distinct patents.

Carrying an estimate of CHF 1.5-1.8 million – slightly higher than the list price of the ref. 6301P, the catalog version with a black Grand Feu enamel dial – the 6301A opened to a bid of CHF 5 million and slowly entered the stratosphere from there. Climbing past the eight-figure mark, it finally settled at CHF 15.7m, or roughly £13.7m, and went to paddle number 153. The gentleman who purchased the super clone watches wholesale, Zach Lu, turns out to be the same person who bought the Tiffany-signed Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711 at auction in 2021 for $6.5m.

Part of Patek’s Grand Complications collection, the ref. 6301A represents, even in its non-unique Only Watch form, the pinnacle of the maison’s expertise. Combining an almost laughably complicated movement with a beautifully finished dial, it speaks to nearly 200 years of savoir faire. Its 2024 top replica watches like this that represent the last word in top-shelf horology – the possible exception being equivalent pieces from high-end independent makers – and the ultimate targets of high-profile collectors. The chance to own one and contribute to a charitable cause represents a unique pull.

Following an audit of its financials and a restructuring of its governance, it seems that Only Watch is here to stay. Hopefully, the substantial sum resulting from the sale of this unique China Patek Philippe fake watches online – and many other compelling pieces – does the good it’s meant to do.

The AAA Swiss Fake Patek Philippe Ellipse Watches UK Is Once Again On A Bracelet

Today, the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse sits on the periphery of mainstream Patek collecting. Outside of dress watch fanatics, vintage obsessives, the Queen, Drake, and John Reardon of Collectability, no one pays much attention to the Ellipse. Given the social media cataclysm of design-led 1:1 UK replica watches these past few years, a focus on this watch feels somewhat overdue.

It’s not like the Ellipse went anywhere. It has remained firmly in the catalog since 1968. What started as a blue-gold dial and yellow-gold 27×32 mm case on a bracelet has morphed into a few different elliptical iterations. What was once a dainty yellow-gold dress fake watches for sale on a bracelet assumed a modern form and became larger in proportion. The recent references include a jumbo platinum model with a sunburst blue dial (5738P-001) added to the collection for the Ellipse’s 40th anniversary in 2008, which was then joined, in 2018, by a large rose-gold model with a sunburst ebony black dial (5738R-001) as well as the platinum hand-engraved 50th-anniversary model ref. 5738/51G in 2021.

Last month, at Watches & Wonders, Patek (re)introduced the Ellipse on a bracelet. It was the perfect way to give the Swiss made Patek Philippe replica watches a revamp with a nod to the brand’s artisanal heritage. But the bracelet does more than signal a long history of metalwork. It changes the entire positioning of the watch. Whether it was an intentional move by Patek or not, the bracelet brings the watch right back to its mid-century roots and echoes the current desire for more obscure ’70s design amongst a certain set of collectors and dealers (who are very present on social media). You could call this obsession with mid-century vintage a “return to glamor,” or you could call it the inevitable next phase of the trend cycle. Whatever it is, it has permeated the watch community. The Patek Ellipse is making a confident stride into the spotlight as a consequence.

In all of its simplicity, the Ellipse became one of the defining cheap copy watches of the decade. It was conceived to be an instantly recognizable shape by Patek as well as unisex in its appeal. Composed of clean, simple, and symmetrical lines, its success was predicated on its almost ideal and proportional balance. A quick Ellipse recap, in case you need one: the Golden Ellipse was based on a “divine proportion” known as the golden ratio/golden section – a centuries-old aesthetic rule concerning the relationship between height, width, and volume which is said to be an expression of mathematically proven architectural perfection. This nod to antiquity resulted in a shape that was neither a circle, rectangle, or oval.

The design evolution of the top 2024 replica Patek Philippe Ellipse watches is relatively straightforward. It has come on bracelets, on straps, in various precious metals, with a stepped case, with gem-set embellishment, with a minute track and small seconds, it has even come as an Ellipse-Nautilus hybrid (aka Nautilipse). The “divine” shape means that it’s always easily identifiable and instantly recognizable as Patek. Having been made during the tail end of the ’60s, it was a precursor to the more audaciously designed watches of the 1970s. It was the little bridge between the more staid look of the ’50s and ’60s and the totally unrestrained experimentation of the ’70s.

Today the high quality super clone watches has remained true to its original form, albeit much larger in size to fit the demands of the modern consumer (or so I am told). This new rose gold release is 34.5 x 39.5 mm in diameter with a thickness of 5.9 mm. The dial is a sunburst ebony black with rose gold applied baton-style hour markers and slim cheveu-type hands. The crown is set with a black cabochon-cut onyx which creates a nice little balance of black detail. The watch comes equipped with ultra-thin movement Caliber 240, features a solid caseback, and is water-resistant to 30 meters.

Now for the crowning glory: The extremely intricate chain-style 18k rose gold bracelet is composed of fine rows of links individually mounted and polished by hand, and has an engraved clasp with three adjustment positions and is non-removable. The bracelet is made of 363 parts, including more than 300 links, each of which are crafted by artisan chainsmiths from a gold wire using CNC. Throughout its history, Patek Philippe has showcased the skills of its artisans and specialized suppliers with its variation of hand-made mesh and chain bracelets. The late 1960s and the ’70s also stand out as a period of great experimentation with metalwork for the brand. The new bracelet was created in the style of a classic chain but with modern specs eliminating the technical drawbacks associated with vintage models. The length can be adjusted as the clasp (its cover adorned with an engraved motif continuing that of the bracelet) offers the choice of three adjustment notches. “The bracelet is directly inspired by the earliest mesh bracelets of the line,” explains Founder of Collectability, John Reardon. “The clasp itself is what captures my heart though – constructed almost identically to what we saw from Patek Philippe in the 1970s and 1980s”

The new Ellipse is a kind of luxury item that feels understated and well made with just the right amount of opulence. It’s restrained but impactful. It’s the kind of perfect replica watches that makes you stare down at your wrist and feel a sense of insular watch-knowledge pride “I am wearing a Patek and I don’t need to scream about it”. And it sits in line with where fashion finds itself today: a return to quiet classics. The clean ebony dial is what minimalist dreams are made of, and it contrasts perfectly with a bracelet that is so intricately woven that it could be a type of knit pattern used by only the finest of luxury heritage cashmere brands tucked away in some remote Scottish highland village. It’s a premium product but it’s quietly glamorous.

Not to say that the Ellipse is slept on, because this isn’t a quest for vintage underdog glory. Perhaps the Ellipse is so much of a classic that it doesn’t need to be made a fuss of. Nobody would ever talk about the return of a white button-down dress shirt or Levi’s 501s! It has pure lines, a clean dial, and a subtle aesthetic impact. The kind of best fake watches that I think speaks to a person with their own personal style. They can slip it into an existing wardrobe rotation, it doesn’t need to be the centerpiece. While the new release is nearly twice as expensive as the existing model on strap ($36,900 vs $60,100), the bracelet does warrant a new category of price. It’s gone from being a dress-watch to a dress-jewelry-watch hybrid. Nonetheless, the Ellipse is discreet. The bracelet endows it with a perfect vintage feel that doesn’t make it feel like a forced reissue. It’s a clever way forward through a style of elegance that was originally honed in the mid-century.