UK AAA Top Lots Replica Watches From The $23 Million Phillips New York Watch Auction

Phillips New York Watch Auction: X concluded last week with all 149 lots being sold, a white glove sale. Among the lots were a variety of excellent Swiss made replica watches, some that fetched very tempting and reasonable prices, and others that tested the pockets of some of the top collectors. Looking at the latter, here are the 1:1 fake watches that fetched the highest prices at the auction, in order.

$953,000 For Replica Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Watches, Ref. 6239

Out of all the vintage UK perfect fake Rolex Daytona watches, ref. 6239 is undeniably the most special and important. It was released in 1963 as the first Rolex Daytona, although initially named the Le Mans. The 6239 features pump pushers and a matching metal bezel, in either gold or steel.

Out of the 14,000 ref. 6239 produced, only around 300 were cased in 18K yellow gold making them very rare in this day and age. Furthermore, the Paul Newman dials, originally known as Exotic dials, were produced approximately once for every 20 regular dials, meaning not much more than 15 are likely to have been produced out of the 300 gold examples of the 6239.

The present Daytona from 1970 is not only one of those, but a John Player Special (JPS) dial, in black with champagne subdials and black registers, an even rarer sight on the 6239. Furthermore, it remains in excellent condition over 50 years after it was produced, which is always the key when it comes to vintage luxury copy watches.

$940,000 For Fake Patek Philippe Watches, Ref. 5208

Frequently seen on the wrist of the Patek Philippe President, Thierry Stern, ref. 5208P is one of the most complicated high quality replica watches made by the brand. It features a minute repeater, instantaneous perpetual calendar and single button chronograph, all cased in platinum.

The calendar is displayed through three apertures at 10.30, 12.00 and 1.30. Its instantaneous nature means the calendar functions displayed in these apertures change instantly in synchronisation at midnight, which avoids any misreadings that may happen on non-instantaneous perpetual calendars. Furthermore, like all Patek repeaters, this example has passed through the hands of Mr Stern, who personally listens to and tests the quality of the repeater chimes from the striking hammers, visible through the sapphire case back.

Reference 5208P super clone watches online is highly rare and requires application for consideration from the Stern family, which must be granted before a client can purchase it.

$762,000 For Vintage Patek Philippe Replica Watches, Ref. 1518

When it comes to vintage Swiss movements replica Patek Philippe watches, few references prevail above the 1518. Produced between 1941 and 1954, reference 1518 houses a perpetual calendar and a chronograph, and was the predecessor which inspired the iconic and perhaps more known 2499. None the less, the 1518 is not only rarer, but more important in the overall history of the Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph line, as it was the first to be serially produced.

Only 281 examples were produced, with most of them cased in yellow gold. This particular fake watches wholesale from 1945 cased by Vichet (Key nine) remains no different. In a well preserved state it features in enamel the long PATEK PHILIPPE & CO GENÈVE signature for models produced before 1948, as well as an extract from the archives which states that it sat around for two years before being sold in 1947.

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