The Passion For UK Best Watches Of Diego Maradona

A true legend has left us today, as Diego Maradona passed away from heart failure. When the question is raised who was the greatest soccer player in the world, Pelé and Maradona are usually named. The two were close friends who openly admired each other. Maradona effectively utilized his small stature with his unsurpassed ball control and passing and dribbling skills on the field. This made it possible to make a goal after a 60-yard dribble, passing five England players in the 1986 Word Cup quarter-final. In 2002 this moment was voted ‘Goal of the Century’ at Maradona and his team won that year the World Cup.

Diego Maradona, with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, Pelé, during the football match of friendship with Pelé and Maradona sponsored by Hublot in Paris, France on 9th of June 2016

Maradona was also a profound lover of high-end fake watches. One of his signature trademarks was always wearing two of them. The reason for this was that he kept one set at the time in his homeland, Argentina, while the other showed the local time. Both watches were usually always precisely the same, which made it quite a style statement.

While Maradona was known to wear Rolex, he also had an intimate association with perfect Hublot replica. In part, this is due to the close relationship that the brand has with FIFA and the world of soccer, but also because Maradona genuinely appreciated the brand. He even became one of their ambassadors and frequently made appearances at Hublot events.

Maradona and Pelé

Maradona has been seen wearing several different Hublot’s, from stylish Classic Fusions to diamond-set Big Bangs in King Gold. The brand also made a few limited editions in his honor. These models shared with each other a blue and white color theme, as a reference to the outfits of Argentina’s national team, as well as the number 10, which Maradona wore throughout his career. With the passing of Maradona, we not only lose a charismatic man and a profound lover of fine timepieces but, most of all, one of the best soccer players that have ever entered the field.

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