The Best Swiss TAG Heuer x Malbon Golf Collab Fake Watches UK Is A Must For My Next Round

Keeping on top of your golf game can be somewhat of a challenge, often requiring special tracking gear and a keen eye for detail. As someone who plays the occasional game on the green, a golf-tracking replica watches for sale is a must. And TAG Heuer’s latest release in collaboration with Malbon might be my next must-have.

If you’re a golfer, the name Malbon probably rings a bell louder than the clink of a well-struck iron. These guys are like the cool kids of the golf world, blending the sport with a zesty, creative zing. And TAG Heuer? Well, they’ve been crafting top-notch UK luxury fake watches since your grandad was a nipper, oozing Swiss sophistication. Together, they’ve teed off to bring us a timepiece that screams ‘golf’, but with a playful, modern twist.

The two brands have released a special edition of the high quality replica TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 – already a pretty spiffing smartwatches. The design is a hole-in-one, with a black matte ceramic bezel that’s marked with 18 holes – because, well, golf. The case is a sleek, lightweight titanium with a snazzy black sandblasted DLC finish.

And for those of you who like to get hands-on, it’s got ergonomic black and yellow steel pushers. The strap is a lush green and lime combo, in leather and rubber, stitched together with white that’s as crisp as a fresh-cut fairway. There are two specially designed watch faces exclusive to this smart copy watches online model that give a friendly feel.

Beyond this, it offers the same functionality as the already premium Connected Calibre E4. Top replica TAG Heuer’s top smartwatches packs an OLED touch display and runs on a Snapdragon 4100+ processor.

It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and adds an altimeter to the already present sensor arsenal that includes GPS, an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, a gyroscope and a compass. You can expect all-day battery life on the perfect China super clone watches, but it’ll get gobbled up when tracking golf or other activities.

Fancy getting your hands on one? Unfortunately, TAG Heuer is not giving these beauties away for a handful of tees. The Swiss made replica TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Malborn Golf Edition watches will sell for 2600 CHF, which is approximately £2350 / $3000. It will be available directly from TAG Heuer from 26 February but you can register your interest now.

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