Michael Strahan Wears A Luxury Fake Rolex GMT-Master II UK With Meteorite Dial To Space

Michael Strahan, the Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end and media personality, flew to space yesterday on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. Per his recent interview with People, Strahan was allowed to bring up to three pounds of personal effects along for the ride. From that conversation, we knew he would bring his grandfather’s pocket fake watch and an extremely cool De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue, along with his Super Bowl XLII Ring, a lucky $2 bill, and a pearl necklace from his girlfriend’s family, among a few other personal items.

What we didn’t know until New Shepard landed yesterday morning was what Strahan actually wore on his wrist during the trip. And it turned out to be an incredibly fitting super clone watch.
Strahan – known for his collection of contemporary 1:1 fake Rolex sport watches – strapped on a white-gold Rolex GMT-Master II 126719 BLRO outfitted with a meteorite dial. First seen at Baselworld 2019, the AAA replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126719 BLRO represents the first time Rolex has offered a GMT-Master with a meteorite dial.

Rolex is famously uncompromising with the meteorite it uses for watch dials; only the best of the best cuts of meteorite are used by Swiss made replica Rolex on watches that have ranged from Daytonas to Datejusts.

And because of the ingrained limited production of the meteorite dial variation, the cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master II 126719 BLRO has naturally appreciated in collector interest since it was released two years ago. Somewhere along the line, it caught Strahan’s attention.

The New Shepard rocket is the same oddly shaped capsule that transported Blue Origin owner and founder Jeff Bezos and a number of custom best super clone Omega Speedmasters to space earlier this year. It took off yesterday morning with six total passengers – including Strahan, Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of Alan Shepard, the first American in space, and four paying customers – and reached an altitude of 66 miles over 10 minutes, before landing successfully in the West Texas desert.

It’s been reported that a football was also included on-board the New Shepard which will now be sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What I really want to know, however, is exactly what Strahan plans to do with his new triumvirate of space replica watches Paypal UK.

When will we next see Strahan’s pocket watch, De Bethune, and space-worn Swiss movement fake Breitling GMT-Master II 126719 BLRO? I can’t imagine this is the end of their story in the public eye.

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