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Fake Omega

We cover a lot of Swiss made fake Omega here on Fratello, and in looking at its current lineup, there’s a lot that’s new or recently redone. That makes it tough to figure out some watch wishes for 2022. Last year, very early on, we saw the new 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster Professional, and that makes 2022 a very hard act to follow indeed.

I seriously doubt this will occur, and I’ve mentioned this on a podcast, but I’d really love a new white-dialed Omega Speedmaster Professional copy for sale. Furthermore, I’d love to see it as a regular production offering with a Hesalite crystal. I think it would look fantastic and, hey, there’s another highly desirable chronograph out there with both a black and a white dial choice. Just saying… Aside from that, one can always dream of a Speedy Tuesday 3!

Replica IWC

If there’s a serious layup to be had in the watch world, then best quality replica IWC is somehow refusing to take that shot all day long. Go have a look at the current Ingenieur, and you’ll see what I mean. This is a perfectly fine watch and brings looks from the first generation to the game. That’s cool, and maybe it makes sense to keep it around as the “Ingenieur Classic” or something similar. However, while the rest of the luxury super clone watch world prints cash with their Genta-designed-or-inspired pieces, IWC lies dormant.

Back in 1978, Swiss movement fake IWC asked Genta to design its Ingenieur Jumbo SL, and the watch then went on to inspire generations of follow-up models. Some were successful, and then they became rather large and bloated. Now, AAA quality replica IWC has the chance to grant one of my watch wishes for 2022 by bringing out a stunning, highly finished example without all the chunkiness. Take the easy shot, IWC — scoring two points will have never felt so good.

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